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What is world ? Humans, demons , animals , birds, parasites , insects , fishes , tress. How are all they created ? What substances they are created from? How do they function and how do they survive? How do they die and what happens after death ? Are all the relations connected with this body made of dirt? So the crystal clear answer is no as if this would have been a truth then why is one’s body destroyed after death .

spritual quotes
In reality neither is one’s identity from his body nor all his relationships rooted with his body.  One’s behaviour , his nature and his deeds are hus identity.  How are behaviour and deeds even created? A human body is a mere harmony of visible and invisible entities , yet every humabs nature and deeds seems to be very vastly. The reason behind the truth is three ‘GUNAS’ they are ‘TAMAS’ , ‘SATTVA’ and ‘RAJAS’ .


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Tamas means darkness . Spending one’s life without presuming about good or bad . Just as birds and animals live solely to fulflil their body needs . This way of life is known as ‘tamsic’ oriented life.


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Sattva means the light of knowledge.  When a person in every circumstance,  thinks about justice,  truth and tradition before acting then it is termed as ‘Sattva’ oriented life .



Admist these two there is such a person who posess knowledge but he is also tethered to the desires of body and mind . Such a person lives an arrogant life and lives a rajjas oriented mindset.

By the balance of Tamas, Sattva , Rajjas the person’s nature is determined.

god quotes
A human is not just union of five base elements, not even just the union of 23 entities. In order to perform function a human needs energy and this energy is termed as ‘ CHETNA ‘ . Along with humans chetna and the union of those 23 is callled a creation. Residing in this device called human made of 24 entities is a person which means fragment of God termed as a SOUL. 
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When the creation and man become one, which means fragment of God resides in one body as a soul then human comes to life. Like a man uses some devices to survive , similarly soul uses the device called body. It experiences joy and sorrow of the body. But a soul is not body. A body can be destroyed but soul can’t be destroyed.  A soul can never be pierced by weapons nor can be burnt in fire. Even though a soul resides in body , but is immortal. A soul is omnipresent , intangible and stable. Just like a man dicards old clothes to wear new clothes . Similarly the soul leaves an old body repeatedly change itself.

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