Nature and lessons delivered


nature and lessons delivered

Everything in this universe is nature,  created by God . Nature’s aesthetic view can be observed in mountains,  seas , lakes , creatures and many more. We human beings are also a part of nature , but we are nowadays demolishing its importance.  Due to these reasons only , Nature ferocious view can be noticed through Earthquakes , droughts , volcano erruptions , landslides and many disasters caused by nature.

Apart from giving shelter , food to human beings , nature also indicate some lessons which we can easily depict from nature . Some of the following are listed as follows. …..


  Nothing is permanent , each and everything  is temporary.  Life is too short , make the most of it. Death has no calendar,  no one knows which is the last day . Live the way you want to live . Leave your grieves , past behind. Enjoy the moment that is in the present to the fullest. Nature shares this lesson through flowers , they has a short lifetime , in which they blooms to the fullest. 


.Have you seen birds making their nest, they collect the small things deliberately,  After their constant hardwork only their nest is prepared . But while preparing their nest , they have to face many challenges such as due to strong wind , rain etc their nests brokes but they keep trying and one day best comes out . This is what nature wants to deliver is that keep trying and little , little one day makes everything. .


nature and lessons delivered

Mimosa pudica ( chui mui or shy plant ) drops a lesson that protection of every being in this universe is responsibility of his own. Such as this plant fold its leaves when is touched or shaken , defending itself from harm and re open a few minutes later. Self protection is not just a set of techniques,  it is a state of mind and it begins with the belief that you are worth defending. 


Nature indicates this as , when it rains so heavily it leads to floods , loss of life and property. In the same way we should understand excess of everything is bad either good or bad . We can also take a similar example from our daily life as today’s youth is so addicted to junk food due to which they are facing many problem in as short age such as obesity, lack of proper mental health , diabetes and much more . 

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