# Ek sawaal aur ( with Baba Beli ) 

Baba Beli

Baba Beli is a musical artist . He is most popular for his songs TERI TASVEER and LAAVAN. He is a well known singer and writer . He has been also nominated for Punjabi Music Best Lyricist Award . He is one of the sufi singers who aims to promote Punjabi culture .

Story behind his pen name …

Baba Beli

As we all know him with his pen name Baba Beli but he is also known as Mr. Harpreet .                                                                                                                                                                                         After having a nice conversation he told that he was eagerly fond of keeping a unique name from class 8th . He mentioned that in our Sikh families everyone is usually known with these names and whether it was school , college or job he most of the time found that there are many persons naming  Harpreet . So he was urged to keep a unique name , he says that he firstly started writing with the name Happy Sandhu and after sometime he get to know that Happy name is not a unique name so he tried many names such as Vanjara Sandhu and many more but unfortunately every name was pre existing .  He wrote a shayar and this was :


baba beli

He told that once when he was livimg in Delhi , he used to visit Guruduwara and there he shared his shayar with the oldaged people visiting the place , he shared they said we didn’t like as how one can be a friend of almighty and started to make mimicry calling him as Baba ka Beli . It was year 2012 when he wrote a song “AKHAAN ” and incidently the song was released with the name Baba Beli and from then ownwards his name Baba Beli got famous and I genuinely believe this name best suits him .

Beginning and the Struggle ….

Baba Beli was very fond of singing and he started singing from 8th class as his passion but none was known that someday his passion will steal many hearts . His first song was released in 2015 ” KHAABAN DE DES “ and then in 2016 he stepped in singing as his future . He was always wanted to opt singing but his parents force him to do engineering , so he was pushed to do so . He counts this incident as the saddest tragedy of his life .                                                                                                                                                           As we all are pre known that behind every success story there’s a hidden truth which is known as  struggle . He shared that every struggle depends on the aim that a person keeps and his beautiful aim is to create a cultural music which adorably represents the Punjab’s culture and is simultaneous to that of the music trending today . Every rose has a thorn and in the same way his path is also lead by thorns and he is doing best to overcome them and there’s no doubt in it .

All about his writings …

A writer’s life and their creations are mostly influenced and inspired by their surroundings. So the surroundings are so the thoughts develop . His written songs are influenced by his surroundings , happenings in life and somewhat imagination .                                                                                             He explains when he is writing he needs only a single thing and that is concentration . He can write whatsoever the place even its crowd or he is alone , his main focus is concentration and strong observation power . 

Success and Failures ..

Success and failures are the part of life which go side by side and he trusts that both success and failures are to teach us one of the important lessons of life  . He says everything the name , fame and money are just achievements . He believes that how much a man is successful will only be known after one passes way .                                                                                                                                                  His believe about failure is very positive , he has a faith that every incident in life happens for good . He gave a beautiful message that if we believe that our achievement is our success , then we will be either still at the point or downfall in work will start , so one should always keep aiming and keep growing .

Inspiration for Singing and Writing…

He has been inspired by many people around him , the credit doesn’t goes to a single person alone . It is an output of many people around him . His tone has been inspired by his paternal and maternal grandparents as he shared that , when in marriages many ladies get together and sing together the tone that came out was very attracting and he loves to listen them by keeping all the work aside . He has been greatly inspired by Punjabi folklore . His true feelings in his writing is experienced by his own life tragedy when in university he faced a heartbreaking breakup and today he feels like that if it would not have been happened , may be today he would not be gifted by this precious fame.

2 lines of one of the famous songs ” TERI TASVEER ” by Baba Beli …


May god bless him with lots of success ahead !!

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