BUDDHA TEACHINGS…[Inspirational stories] PART 1

Buddha stories and lessons ….

buddha quotes

Siddhartha Gautama, was a teacher, philosopher and spiritual leader who is considered the founder of Buddhism. He is  worshiped by most Buddhist schools as the Enlightened One who has transcended Karma and escaped the cycle of birth and rebirth.  He taught a spritual path that included ethical training and meditative practices  such as jhana and mindfullness . 


buddha quotes

Once upon a time Buddha was visiting a village along with his disciples . After travelling for a long time he felt thirsty and send one of the disciple to bring water from the nearby village . When disciple was searching for water he looked for a river but he noticed that in that river people are washing clothes , some were bathing and some were even cleaning their cows and buffaloes due to which the river water had become dirty and was not safe for drinking so the disciple returned back without water and told the whole story to Buddha . As buddha was feeling thirsty so he send another disciple to find water and after sometime the disciple returned with water . Buddha was shocked and asked the disciple where did you find the water ? as the river was polluted . So the disciple answered , yes the river’s water was dirty but when everyone returned after doing there work , I waited their for sometime so the mud get collected beneath water and when the mud sedimented water was clear and I brought that water for you.

Buddha was really happy after listening to the answer of disciple and explained that our  life is as similar to the river’s water . If we keep performing good Karma’s it will stay purified but sometimes the moments in life came when we get surrounded by pain but we should keep patience and shall keep the confidence to fight with the problems.


buddha quotes

A lady had only one son and he died . in her grief she carried the dead child to Buddha and asked for a medicine to cure his child . The Buddha said i just need one thing to cure this boy and that is “I want a handful of mustard seeds but the mustard seeds must be taken from a house where no one has lost a child , husband, parent or friend .” The lady went house to house asking for mustard seeds but everyone would say here are mustard seeds but when she asked about deaths in family everyone would say don’t remind us of deepest griefs . After visiting many houses she didn’t found a single house where ones beloved has not died . The lady realised that death is common to all . The buddha said ” The life of mortals in this world is troubled and brief and combined with pain . For there is not any means by which those that have been born can avoid dying after reaching oldage there is death “.

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