Aura around you ( tips to cleanse your aura )

           Aura and You…..

aura and you

It is a scientific fact , that every object on the planet has a certain field of energy around it. Aura is basically the physical , mental,  emotional and energy status of who you are right now. It can be of different types black or white aura and million of shades between them. Your aura can be different with different aspects of time. What you call as aura is even more superficial than the skin because it’s even further out. . If you are focused on the core you will have a wonderful aura. If your focus is on the surface you will have a miserable Aura. 

That’s clear people with positive thoughts has a positive vibes, so one should always to release positive vibes. Any spritual being have a very strong Aura., As they have achieved it after a lot of concentration and meditation . This is the reason why they can easily sense others aura easily. AURA IS THE SUBTLE MANIFESTATION OF EVERYTHING THAT YOU ARE……

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The Ara around is strongly affected by the situation an person you are interacting with. As you are constantly exchanging energies with the people around you. Sometimes due to negative vibes we get destressed but here are some ways to clean your aura. 


When it is raining , step out of shelter and close your eyes and let the rain water to drop . Let all the negativity move away from you . This is recommended as the rain water is said to be purest water. You will feel definitely more relaxed and distressed after doing so.


The nature is the most beautiful place on the Earth. Nature will always create a positive aura aroun you. In sometime you will feel positive vibes coming.  If you are depressed in your daily life , then you should some place to plants at your place . Start involving in nature , you are surely going to feel better. 

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 Gems are a good source of emitting energy. They can clear negative energy around you and your surroundings and will bring positive energy field. Place the right gems around the right place at your house , office or your working place. You can either wear gems in the form of jewellery by concerning astrologist . 


The best way to relieve you from pain is the meditation. It can be used with the aim of reducing stress , anxiety , depression,  pain and increasing peace perception,  self concept and well being. It is a practice where an individual uses a technique such as mindfulness , or focussing the mind on a particular object , thought or activity.  You can focus on your aura that surrounds you

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