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Mr. Aman Arora is one of the well known politicians. He is MLA from Sunam . Aman Arora is one of the leaders in Aam Aadmi Party . He has been greatly inspired by his late father Mr. Bhagwan Das Arora (the two time MLA and minister of Punjab) .

Inspiration Behind His Success…

His father entered in politics in year 1991 , before this they have a complete business atmosphere in the family . He was greatly inspired by his father and along with him at a early age of 18 he started participating in politics . After that when his father passed away he took the responsibilities on his shoulder . He always believes that a higher or bigger position doesn’t matter at all what matters is your accountability , sincerity and responsibility toward the people .

Responsibilities As A MLA … 

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Being a MLA is not an easy job at all there are multiple jobs to perform they are as :

1) Answerable to the people : People of the constituency come on the regular basis to discuss their problems with them and they perform their jobs accordingly in order to find the solutions .

2) Voice of the people : They act like a bridge between the people and the government and raise the issued as demanded by people and act as a voice of people in their constituency and in the state .

3) Act as a watchdog : They keep a check on government to see whether they are performing their duties properly and if they are not doing so they have the power to raise their voice .

4)  Being Social : They have to be active and attend the marriages , functions and sorrows and show their gratitude to them .

Precautions Necessary in Corona Time …

He messages that life is very precious and everyone should be responsible enough to take precautions as its not only one life affecting its the lives of hundreds of other people which is also getting to affect somewhere , So this responsibility lies on everyone. He states that if everyone would not take precautions its impact can be severe and can hit the country badly as already has impacted in many developed countries . He requests everybody to take precautions as its must .

Reason for joining AAP … 

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He explains that Aam Aadmi Party is today doing a politics of a common man which has mainly influenced him to support this party . The agenda of this party is to play an honest , corrupt free and sincere common man’s politics . He said his father has always played an honest , common man’s politics and has always tried his best to bring development and he also wanted to walk on his father’s path and chose AAP as it’s the best way possible to reach his aims .

Is Politics a Dirty game ? 

He explains that no profession can be termed as dirt or clean . It totally depends on the person performing the duty either he wants to play dirty or clean . He said no doubt the people’s perception about politicians and politics is very very bad and its due to the majority of politicians till now have made a politics a dirty game . But according to him politics is one of the most pure and honest profession where if one vows and commits cab best serve the society .

Fraud behind the purchasing of Covid Kits … 

Mr. Aman Arora has noticed something mischievous as when he was suffering from covid he purchased the same covid kit for around Rs.950 each but Punjab government was saying that they are buying the same 50,000 covid kits each for Rs.1700 . He was very disappointed as when the government claims that they have no money to pay salaries and more , they are trying to commit a scam of around 4 and half crores which is very ridiculous . So the very next day he wrote the letter to our honourable Chief minister and he claimed that the allegations are baseless but the very next day the notice came that covid kits will cost around Rs.750 . So the heartiest Thanks to Mr. Aman Arora who had raised the issue and saved 4 and half crores . 

All about farm laws … 

He explains that the three laws passed by central government are anti farmers and traders . The main issue is not about MSP they are creating a confusion that MSP is going to stay The central government has announced MSP on 23 items but the assured procurement is on wheat and paddy only . So the issue is of assured procurement , he says in some days or years to come this assured procurement will also loose which is going to hit Punjab and Haryana farmers very badly . They are trying their best to press the punjab and central government to issue a legal guarantee of assured procurement of every grain left over in the market . He explains that the only solution to this problem is that the every grain leftover in the market which is not assured by central government or the private traders that should be definitely procured by the state government .

Message by Aman Arora … 

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