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Food plays a major role in every one’s life as it is the source which maintains countless number of functions in our body. So the way we eat , what we eat is a part which can’t be ignored. Unhealthy eating habits can lead to fall you in many problems. Poor eating habits is a welcome to many life risk diseases. If you will develop a healthy eating schedule , you will automatically feel for energetic. There are many benifits that you are going to unlock such as : help you boost your mood and reduce stress , will also help you loose your weight  and a healthy lifestyle,  a better efficiency to work , say good bye to laziness and these all magical benifits just by following some ways ……
Eating Slowly shows best results…..
health quotes
Sometimes,  we are in hurry and fastly we finish our breakfast , lunch or dinner. Developing this type of habit doesn’t allow brain to depict signal that you are full or not which leads to imbalance of weight. Take a small plate , chew your food properly and give a proper time to your meals as this it to kill two birds with one stone . Firstly, your brain will get enough time to pick signal. Secondly, you will digest some of your food in mouth. Implement the moral : slow and steady wins the race .
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Hey friends ! Do you know water is a solution to many problems we face in daily life such as excessive hairfall , acne , discoloration of skin , production of oil in excess. If you want to get rid of them then definetely add 8 glasses of water in a day. Here’s a little tip don’t skip a glass of water in the morning with empty stomach. Let me introduce you guyzz with incredible benifits of water such as : helps maximize physical performance, significantly effect energy levels and brain function, it may help treat headaches , helps to relieve constipation and excretes out toxins , also helps aid weight loss. So don’t miss 8 glasses of water .

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One should never commit a mistake to skip breakfast as doing so can worsen your health conditions.  Breakfast is an energy booster which stands you for day. Your breakfast should be full of whole grains , protiens, low fat diary , fruits and vegetables.  Incredible benifits of eating a healthy breakfast are as : gives energy to start your day , improves behaviour and increase ability to learn and focus more , benigits weight loss and management. So start having a healthy breakfast!
health quotes
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Eat according to your body requirements. Not to much full nor an empty stomach is good for health. Sometimes people or children when working continuously on computers , watching TV or playing a video game they often follow the habit of mindless snacking or consuming eatables more, which can affect your health in many ways. On other hand some times we end uo fasting which can also ruin your health. As you will not get proper vitamins and minerals as your body needs,  which can lead in deficiencies.  So always keep in mind to eat a proper amount of food.
metabolism benifits
Metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat into energy. Metabolism has a great importance that balances your weight management.  Here are some ways you cab definitely use for boosting up your metabolism : eat a plenty of protien energy meal , drink more water , do a high amount of workout , drink green tea , eat more spices , get a good sleep , drink coffee.
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One should avoid the foods with high calorie intake such as fast food , desserts, candies , snacks, sugary drinks , Alcohol , condiments, white bread , Ice cream. They might sound tastier but can affect your health if intaken in long run. Calorie intake a day is 2000 to 2500. So calculate and control your calorie intake accordingly.  Here’s to introduce you with some low calorie food items which you should directly say yes they are as : oats , greek yogurt , soup , berries, eggs , popcorn , chia seeds , cootage cheese etc. Find more such low calorie diets and replace your high calorie diet with low calorie one’s.
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